Universal affordable shielded outdoor case for MikroTik Routerboards
Linkit URB3N3S – Universal Radio Box 3 ethernet + 3 antenna, is the new solution for your completly shielded Base Station powered by Mikrotik RouterOS Routerboard.
The complete Made in Italy design and manufacturing of all components of the URB3N3S enclosure guarantees high reliability and superior performance.
Our URB enclosures are designed around an exclusive plastic structure which provides a very affordable outdoor enclosure. Internal metallic structure provides complete electromagnetic shielding and allows for a wide range of operating temperatures; the construction is totally waterproof and guarantees protection in even the most extreme environmental conditions.
Paired with a MikroTik Routerboard, this enclosure allows you to build a complete base station which couples pleasant looks with ease of installation and use, at an extremely attractive price.

Every kit is composed by:

  • 1 Plastic ABS and Polyamide enclosure
  • 1 Metallic shielding box for boards
  • 1 Mast mounting kit for pole installation

The enclosure is designed for use with:

  • Mikrotik RB411 series routerboards
  • Mikrotik RB433 series routerboards
  • Mikrotik RB9xx series routerboards
  • Standard miniPCI radiolan cards (e.g. Mikrotik R52 series)

Typical application with three sectorial antennas