Make your high gain 5GHz 802.11n CPE with the best available MIMO antenna
Linkit 5GRB18N Enclosure & Antenna kit, is the ideal solution for housing your MikroTik RB911 RouterOS board and building your outdoor 802.11n IP67 18dBi 5GHz CPE with MIMO antenna.
The complete Made in Italy design and manufacturing of all components of the 5GRB18N kit guarantees high reliability and superior performance.
With this kit and with the use of a MikroTik RouterOS solution, you will be able to offer your customers a complete and easy to install 802.11n 5GHz CPE with 18dBi integrated MIMO panel antenna in a waterproof enclosure at a really affordable price.
The high gain 5GHz PCB panel antenna allows this kit to attain unbelievable performance in terms of both link throughput and distance.
The simple but attractive shape of the 5GRB18N Enclosure makes sure it can also be used where ease of use must be matched by the aesthetics of the completed installation.

Every kit is composed by:

  • ABS enclosure for outdoor applications
  • Pre-assembled panel antenna
  • SMA male 90° coaxial pigiails
  • RJ45 connector system
  • Mast mounting kit for pole installation

Enclosure is designed for for use with:

  • RB911 series Mikrotik routerboards